We're delighted you're interested in applying for membership in MIAS. Applying is a simple process - you can apply for membership below, or download an application form to return by mail.

You can also use the form below to renew your membership - just check the "Renewal" box.

Membership types and annual fees:

  • FL Resident-Individual $500

  • FL Resident-Firm $1,000

  • Non-Resident-Individual $250

  • Non-Resident-Firm $500

  • Organization/Institution* $0

  • Young Lawyer (up to 3 years post bar admission)* $100

  • US Law Student (currently enrolled at US law school) $25

  • Foreign (non-US) Law School (up to 10 students) $100

  • Foreign Law Student (currently enrolled at non-US law school) $15

                                                (*requires Board approval)

Firm memberships include three firm representatives. Additional representatives should select "Firm Representative" under Membership Type. Additional institutional representatives select "Institutional Representative" and law students from a foreign member law school, "Foreign Law School Representative."