MIAS Events: Past Speakers




Jan.  Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler, President of ICCA and Partner at Levy Kaufmann-Kohler






Feb.    Duarte G. Henriques, BCH Advogados (Lisbon)

            “The Prague Rules: An alternative approach to the taking of evidence in international arbitration

Apr.    Jose Antonio Rivas, Vannin Capital and Erika Levin, Partner, Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss,

           “A Decade of Third Party Funding: What have we learned; What challenges lie ahead


Jun.    Kathleen Paisley, Ambos Law

           "The Renaissance Arbitrator’s Role in Data Management:  Cybersecurity and Data Protection"

Sept.  John Barkett, Partner, Shook Hardy Bacon

           “Expedited Arbitration under the UNCITRAL Rules”

Nov.   Joint Program with FIU and Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center

            “Miami International Tech/IP Arbitration Seminar” Various topics dealing with intellectual property                          disputes including: challenges, innovative approaches and advantages; also, “CPR’s Data Security                          Protocol”


Feb.   Sophie Nappert, International Arbitrator, Dual Qualified in the UK and Canada 

          "The Challenge of Algocracy in Arbitral Decision-Making"


May   Kabir Duggal, Sr. Associate, Intl. Arbitration Practice Group-New York, Baker McKenzie,

           “CyberSecurity in Investor-State Arbitration:  Evidentiary Implications

May    Prof. Manuel A. Gomez, Associate Professor of Law, FIU,

            “Smarter Resolution? Arbitration of Smart Contracts on the Blockchain”


Sept.   Jane Sarma, Partner, Shipping Practice, Reed Smith,

            “Society of Maritime Arbitrator’s Rules: Unique Features”

Nov,    Joint Program with FIU “Landscape of International Arbitration in 2018: New Trends, New Challenges”                    Part 1 “The Court of  Arbitration for Art” Gerard Meijer, CafA, the Hague; Part 2 “The changing landscape                of trade agreements and regional development strategies and international arbitration” Aristeo Lopez,                  Govt of Mexico; Andrea Hulbert, Huber Volio Abogrados, CR; Diego Gosis, GST LLP; Manuel A. Gomez,                  Professor of Law, FIU College of Law.



Feb.  Prof. Bernard H. Oxman, Richard A. Hausler Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law

         “The Recalcitrant Party in International Arbitration: Recent cases involving a party’s refusal to participate in              the proceedings”


April  Joseph “Joe” Tirado, Partner and C-Head of International Arbitration and ADR, Garrigues UK LLP

          “Hurdles in the appointment of and selection of international arbitrators”


June  Jennifer Kirby, Principal, KIRBY Arbitration

           “Efficiency in International Arbitration


Aug.   Prof. Catherine A. Rogers, Professor of Law, Price Family Faculty Scholar, Penn State University
           “Arbitrator Intelligence


Sept. Ignacio Torterola, GSP LLP & Daniel E. González, Partner Miami, Hogan Lovells U.S. LLP and Past                             Chairman, MIAS  

          "Evolution and Adaptation: The Future of International Arbitration"


Jan.    Carlos Hernandez, Executive VP & Chief Legal Officer, Fluor Corp.

“Real Life Experiences of an International Construction Company with International Arbitration”


April   Franco Ferrari, Director, Center for Transnational Litigation, Arbitration and Common Law, New York

  University School of Law

            “Conflict of Laws in International Commercial Arbitration”


June   Francisco González de Cossío, Partner, González de Cossío Abogados

            “Interim Measures of Protection: Practical Issues”


Aug.    Diane C. Droulers, Advisor, Latin America, Dispute Resolution Data

            “The Mission of Dispute Resolution Data”


Nov.    Klaus Reichert SC and Sir Richard Aikens, Brick Court Chambers, London, “Brexit, English Contract law

   and London Arbitration-keep calm and carry on” (joint program with FIU College of Law)



Jan.    Eduardo Siqueiros T., Partner, Hogan Lovells, Mexico City

            “Current Issues in Arbitration in Mexico”


March John C. Hamilton, Partner and Head of Latin American Arbitration

            White & Case LLP

            “After ICCA: Places to Arbitrate and Places of Arbitration”


May    Christopher Malcolm, Immediate Past Attorney General of the British Virgin Islands

  “Arbitration Developments in the English Speaking Caribbean: Focus on the British Virgin Islands and    Jamaica”


Aug.    C. Ryan Reetz, Office Managing Partner and Pedro Martinez Fraga, Co- Leader, Global Int'l Arbitration

   Practice, Bryan Cave

            “Regulatory Sovereignty and the Public Purpose Doctrine in Intl. Law”


Sept.  Jose Eloy Anzola, International Arbitrator

            “Overview of New Developments in Arbitration in Latin America”


Nov.    Jose Ricardo Feris, Deputy Secretary General. ICC International Court of

            Arbitration, Paris

            “Emergency Arbitrators and the ICC Court’s Experience”



Jan.    India Johnson, President & CEO, AAA/ICDR

            “AAA and ICDR: New Developments”


March Prof. Jan Paulsson, Michael Klein Distinguished Professor, University of Miami School of Law  and Past

   Chairman, Intl. Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)

            “ICCA, ICCA Miami 2014 and the Future of Arbitration in Miami”


Aug.   Panel: Burt Landy, Akerman LLP; Don Hayden, Berger Singerman; Gary Davidson, Diaz Reus and

Tadd Schwartz, SMS

Moderator: Judy Freedberg, ICCA Publications

“Update on ICCA Miami 2014 and the Future of Arbitration in Miami”


Sept.   Steve Andersen, Esq., Vice President, American Arbitration Association

            International Centre for Dispute Resolution

            “New ICDR Rules”


Oct.  Jackie Van Haersolte-van Hof, Director General of the LCIA

            “The LCIA Rules 2014: Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness”


Nov.  Horacio Grigera Naon, Director, Center on International Commercial

            Arbitration, Washington College of Law, American University

            “Balancing Theory and Pragmatism in International Arbitration”



Jan.    Philip “Whit” Engle FCIArb, Chair, North American Branch, CIArb 

“The Love Language of Int'l Commercial Arbitration: Communicating Effectively with the Corporate Community about ICA”


Feb.    Frederico Jose Straube, President, CAM/CCBC (Arbitration and Mediation Center), Câmara de Comércio


            “Current State of Arbitration in Brazil”


March Carolyn Lamm, Partner; Co-Chair International Arbitration

              Americas, White & Case

             “Implications of Fraud and Corruption in International Arbitration”


April   Chiann BAO, Secretary General of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre

            “Hong Kong in the Americas”


July    Jon Polenberg, Attorney, Polenberg, Cooper, Sanunders & Reisberg, PL

            “The Revised Florida Arbitration Code 2013”


            Eduardo Palmer, Eduardo Palmer, P.A.

            “Report: Passage of the Glitch Bill and Defeat of the Sharia Law”


Sept.  Mark Kantor, Adjunct Professor Georgetown University Law Center; Editor in Chief, Transnational                         Dispute Management
            “Dispositive Motions and Fraud Allegations: Can They Co-Exist?”


Nov.   Kate Brown de Vejar, Counsel, Curtis, Mallet Prevost, Colt & Mosle, Mexico City

            “Corporacion Mexicana de Mantenimiento Integral S. de R.L. de C.V. v. Pemex-Exploracion y Produccion”



Jan.    Jan Paulsson, Michael Klein Distinguished Professor, University of Miami School of Law  and Chairman,  
           Intl. Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)
          “ICCA and ICCA Miami 2014: A True Partnership”


Feb.    Bertha Cooper-Rousseau, Principal Partner, Rousseau & Cooper, Bahamas

“The Bahamas: A Seat in the Americas that Complements the Global Arbitral Community”


March    Arthur W. Rovine, International Arbitrator, Adjunct Professor, Fordham University School of Law

             “Convergence in International Arbitration”


May    George Bermann, Professor Columbia Law School, Chief Reporter, American Law Institute, Restatement             (Third) of the U.S. Law of Intl. Commercial Arbitration

  “Current Status of the Work on the Restatement (Third) of the U.S. Law of International Commercial  Arbitration”


Sept. Eduardo Zuleta, Partner, Gomez-Pinzon Zuleta, Bogotá, Colombia

“Present Trends in Colombia: The New Arbitration Law and New Treaties for Investment Protection”


Oct.    Doug Jones, President, Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration, Australia

            “The Australian Arbitration Option – Asia Pacific Region”


Nov.   Loretta Malintoppi, Eversheds, France, and Vice President, ICC Court of Arbitration

            “The Choice of a Seat of Arbitration”



Jan.    Nassib Ziadé, Deputy Secretary General, Intl. Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, ICSID

            “Recent Developments in ICSID Investment Arbitration”


Feb.    Doug Jones, President, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

            “Party Appointed Experts: Can They be Usefully Independent?”


April   Andrés Jana, Delegate for Chile, UNCITRAL

            “Overview International Arbitration in Latin America”


Aug.   Manuel Gomez, Professor, Florida International University School of Law

“Looking at the real future of international arbitration: A proposal for collaboration between MIAS and law students”


Sept. Devashish Krishhan, Member, Drafting Committee, LCIA-India Arbitration Rules 2010

“Before it Goes to Arbitration: Preparing for and reacting to a nationalization of your client’s foreign business”


Oct.   Luis O’Naghten, Shareholder, Akerman Senterfitt; Chair Intl. Litigation and Arbitration Practice

          “The New ICC Rules of Arbitration”



Jan.    Gerold Herrmann, Former Secretary General, UNCITRAL

            “The Globalization of Arbitration”


March Prof. Martin Hunter, Representative of ICCA at UNCITRAL

            “Different Cultural Approaches to Fact-Finding in International Arbitration”


May   Jan Paulsson, Michael Klein Distinguished Professor, University of Miami School of Law; Chairman, Int'l

Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)

          “The Future of ICCA”


Sept. John Rooney, J. Rooney Law, Author “The Rooney Report”

            “A Review of Recent Developments in International Arbitration”


Nov.   John M. Barkett, Partner, Shook Hardy & Bacon, LLP

            “E-Discovery in International Arbitration”


March Jan Paulsson, Michael Klein Distinguished Professor, University of Miami School of Law

“The New Institute for International Arbitration at the University of Miami”


May   Philip “Whit” Engle, FCIArb, Chair, North American Branch, CIArb

          “CIArb: The North America Branch and Workshop in New Orleans”

Paula Arias, Coordinator, Moot Court, UM School of Law

“Collateral Estoppel and the Intl. Arbitration Award: A Civil Law Perspective”


July    Tony Ojeda, Director, ITC, Miami-Dade County

            “The New International Focus in Miami-Dade County”


Sept. David Martowski and Michael Karcher, Practitioners, Maritime Arbitration

            “The Florida and New York Perspectives on Maritime Arbitration”


Nov.   Prof. Albert Jan van den Berg, President, Netherlands Arbitration

            Institute, Rotterdam

            “Dissenting Opinions by Party-Appointed Arbitrators”


Oct.    Judy Freedberg, Former General Counsel, Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague 

“Informal Report on the 49th Session of UNCITRAL Working Group II (Vienna 9/2008)”


Dec.   Carlos Soto, Partner, Estudio Muñiz Forsyth

“Update: Arbitration in Peru”


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